Switch Gears, Transformers & Breakage

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    Switch Gears, Transformers and Breakage for sale!

Computer Recycling

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    We recycle all products obtained from computers right down to the plastics.

Roll Off Rails For Sale - April 20

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    Roll off rails for sale for a roll off unit truck. If interested please call for specs and prices.

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June 18, 2011


kompiuteriu remontas

Who's this garage in a photo :)))

shredding Houston

Paper, plastic, old electronic gadgets and even metal can be re-purposed these days to turn out into something useful once again. At home or at work, your simplest of efforts can go a long way because others will see that you are conscious about 'green' living and you avoid wastage as much as possible. Paper, plastic, metal as well as old electronic gadgets can be found in almost all households and with this comes a responsibility of proper disposal.

 Plastic Scrap Dealers

That is one full garage! Earth911 is a great resource to find a local recycling plant to make sure we are all doing our part for a greener planet! Thanks for this blog, I love to see people on the internet encouraging recycling.

Seattle Recycling

There are some materials in your garage that can be recycled. Just be sure to make necessary security steps in disposing your computers and mobile devices. If you misplace your laptop or cell phone, or leave it out in the open, your data could fall into the hands of unscrupulous individuals.


Wow. That is unreal. I have honestly never seen a garage that messy. They should really look into computer recycling, and scrap metal recycling in general. That's totally crazy! Where was this picture taken?

garage equipment

I think this garage is not functioning because it looks like scrap storage. If we have no knowledge on the segregation of the scrap it is better to call a scrapper to do the proper segregation.

Computer Disposal

That a garage scrap is the accepted reality brings to the fore the serious endeavor of recycling it.

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