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    Switch Gears, Transformers and Breakage for sale!

Computer Recycling

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    We recycle all products obtained from computers right down to the plastics.

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    Roll off rails for sale for a roll off unit truck. If interested please call for specs and prices.

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August 21, 2009


Cellular phones for sale

Yeah! "Remember by recycling your units you are helping the environment today for a better tomorrow." I will always remember that. Thanks for sharing!



Cellular phones have their batteries removed and recycled, plastics recycled, and electronics processed for their precious metals. Thank you for your inquiry!

Computer Recycling

Hey, this is interesting. There's a company here in the UK that's trying to sell a piece of software to clear cell phones of their data (ie you drive to a company and sell services wiping cell phones and recycling them. Why pay for the software when this company offers it....

cellphone philippines

Well,i keep my old cellphone its like a treasure to me so i count them as my collection too. :)


house clearance

i say phone companies should offer to do it as part of their service they could make a killing with teh amount of unused phones out there


Old cell phones become garbage in our home. Here I found some tips on what to do with old cell phones. Nice article.


Thank you for the awareness - if folks started to purchase used cell phones more often, just think of the possibilities! ;)

Cell Phone Accessories

:lol I have these old cellular phones in the picture you;ve shared. Theu are al the classcial ones. I love them very much and put them as collection.

kompiuteriu remontas

It's har to sell used one's. I collect them on my wall

Texas shredding

It is good to know that more efforts are being made so that people can properly dispose of their old or broken gadgets and not just store them which can be potential bio-hazards. As paper documents can be shredded to serve other purposes, microchips and computer hard drives can also be turned over to be destroyed not just for the protection of personal information but also so that the owners do not just keep them in storage.

recycling cell phones

I have always been in support of recycling old cell phones.
I think its best way to profit your pocket as well as nature.

sell cell phone

Recycling the old cell phone is very much helpful in saving our environment also it benefits us too...Its better than this that our use and old cell phone becomes just garbage at home...

flash game index

:lol I have these old cellular phones in the picture you;ve shared. Theu are al the classcial ones. I love them very much and put them as collection.

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